Lovely Ink - a special project

I'm so excited to announce that I'm part of a wonderful project called 'Lovely Ink' with eleven amazing artists from across the globe. The project was created by an extremely talented artist, Nicole Piar of Ghost Kitten fame, from the US. Our vision is to.. 'uplift, to awaken a sense of wonder and to sprinkle inspiration around the world. Twelve amazing artists are coming together to deliver inspirational art in the form of a desktop wallpaper and 8x10" printable each month for a year starting on April 1, 2014.'


Each month you will receive a lovely illustration including
a poetic quote or snippet of wisdom to inspire you.

This “Lovely Ink” will come as both
a desktop wallpaper and as 8″x10″ High Res Printable Art.
There will be a new artist featured each month for a year.

To receive your inspirational art for the year, leave your details here.